Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hurrah-Chakra of the wrinkled Scandinavian
solarium set tones for
a kinder, gentler
even more egalitarian figure penetrates her kama-rupa

Its Sunday,
Sun?day but no need to bake righteous buns
oh hurry she said, the sun will set in 12 minutes
in 12 minutes she rushes out to sing delicious sutras

dark again so the wrinkles won't show
12 being an acquired immunity

Mohandas takes cover
a popular breed of fancy pigeon drops one
only a week later
I smell it and cut it out to paste over freshly squeezed
recollections of haste

1 comment:

Moshe Herzog said...

No person, no death.
And, On the knees of your soul? Might as well be useful. Scrub the floor.


- meanwhile alvah's collection of poems is overdue at the library.