Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nytt namn för det

Stella now
 a name, for the failure of these clouds
for how they encircle
that nostalgia for dialogue

how the firmament failed to hold a version of me
that could accompany
or strum

I am in fact her, ---for I produced it all---
and her song was with me all these years
as I was

 breastfeeding baby Goering
or as I held a spoon to miniature lips
of an infant Subramanian Swamy

How we gods, love to extend and copulate with ourselves
for the self alone has no delight

How we, gods, love to expect and antagonise
for the self alone,
 has no delight

Stella now
beneath this dome,
yours is Nimrod's verse
Raphèl maí amèche zabí almi

by whose direction is mind aware of its objects
can it please be more
than what instructs the privileged phenotype
to vacation in Thailand
or Turkey
to appropriate surplus libido, that history has set for sale

Gods we ought to be and sanctify all rage
but by no simple tune, no ordinary rhyme 

Gods, we seldom select the first beat
yet shall uphold a transcendent glee

All nonsense prevails by avoiding doubt
this nightmare too, owes its weight to
which unlike Bombelli's solves naught
isn't for
but retains form, memory,
all constrains that keep
and undo 

Pablo Reinoso La Parole

Saturday, September 20, 2014

At Enaim by the wayside

.., maintenance of this raft 
through union of Kaldi and Onan
not the desired systolic...
afloat still 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To be hand fed papayas before sleep

...of pale, pale, tyrants
Boteros whose breast turns yellow in October and green in late May
Yet never matches the blue of their wilted irises
wiki says piercings
ought not complicate suckling 
turn all then to Theresas, mothers 
all that hangover, now wears a pale pink sari
just as easily beatified as besmeared it was on every side by a multicultural trace of ointments, creams
and feathers of that same strange bird which demands now more than just papayas
Searching for their very distinctive dung,
I part all layers off my pupal case
It’s the right season alright to wage war on a pierced heaven
which in return for our promise to worship it alone
spreads dung of its solemn feasts on
as many starving members
of the communion
modeled as a fixed unknown parameter

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Likely acts of selection

These animals have evolved special displays
-Stockholm to Zirdan -
involving aggregations and gaze

which informs of their number
so they can respond by betrayal if numbers are low
 murder if the numbers high 

what price that Hobsbawm?
who as opposed to monkeys, can keep those dopamine levels up for decades
and decades
 waiting for 

what affordances
this winter?

George Price (Image taken from New Scientist

Monday, March 25, 2013

Apathy's reed

The subject, stern and slender in parts,
yet enough inappropriateness round its waist to
stop, on the assumption that it’s the one being hailed

Peter instead, a denier as he rushes through aspects of Nord
so pretends: “Ozymandias”, is how it’s pronounced –
If for no audience no other reason than frost
that’s pronounced back,
But "always-already interpellated" I freeze
Not he, for I am the true pilgrim, disguised

and Rocinante - parked outdoors since autumn 
beneath heaven’s mixed grace
covered, is the other pilgrim
 denial’s own companion

who offered its aluminum meat …
to that pale personification of value,
whose blonde pubes - Phragmites australis - displaced old truths,
 but transmitted no whisper
and "in process of the seasons"
remained just so

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Authentic numinous fonts of being 
"20% kaupanpäälle"
why "ää" Apollonie Sabatier?
why "äälle"?


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


On a deep taupe, the chief rabbi of Otaniemi
wrote angry words to god complaining about Odd Nerdrum
if only there were extra vowels in his name
I would withdraw
But hey, he wrote back,
I got you some Oolong leaves
2-3 minutes, 85-90 C
need not wait
there is little taste in the first sip
change the font
God, Ethiopian,...
his wife had an affair
plans to grow tea

Incapable of dying for love of a gelding
may secretly steal
from an oral history which had hitherto 
belonged to them
furnish our rabbi's grief
with more cups


Monday, August 20, 2012

Ecophagical meme(ories)

Despite all, the elevators are running
and figures which memory was not kind enough to neglect take their turn

on these upward flights to floors
where crumbled cake of anxiety receives an icing of their trail

if sparrows were to change their garments this early
and further decide to change their route

who’d be surprised if they get caught, not by
the ills of their habitat but by that other morose sense, that would oversee
or manage
the pace and character of their due palsy

So let’s have them too, damned figures
set off on some such path, of mad sparrows dressed in purple and green
these elevator hoppers then, would enjoy no more
the pleasures
 of migration and reassembly

if their aggregate buzz seeks to constitute an overture
to ecophagy
we too would fire
in such harmony as to starve them out of relevance

Ginsberg / Exploratorium from Anna Keune on Vimeo.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Brazil (Part1)

Avenue renamed to suppress the flow of secular traffic was to my 5 years of age
orange, dark green
was where, possessed had shaken off mother’s hand whilst crossing,
and demonic double-decker horns,post colonial imports of a steady epoch
had launched into varieties of grease clots and mourning

Ragtime has run out
Kronstadt redux with a mandate from twelve (Imams) 

In 47 years our missing child who left no dear debris arrives in Brazil
with neatly ironed suite of accomplishments and
peach cream lotion of bacchanal soft joys surpassed

Adam ..opens eyes to
standing motionless next to another gargantuan flow

some urban arterial

…prayer beads around her neck to help our lost Adam
love’s endless sob
-over the hum which drowned out his trace across
hemispheres of electric sheep-

mother, how in Brazil …?
I couldn’t help it she replied
you let go of me then, 1981

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Undo Ritual

Parasitic producer of trash… you claim this universe by your flights of graze…
so forms of summer foliage should adorn your

innards of orthodox decor... what more?

it follows then
some fucking digit
graciously set
so sentient bundle which performs a “you” could point
what accompaniment now, you harasser of sheep?

pecking at… pulling in jest... it goes on to molest canvas
I wish a similar intrusion into your soul/your capacity for pain

Pain which you so easily spray on vegetal gaze
that some mutation made expectant...

Taken/understood tremor, nausea are rewards nature serves such unfortunate mutation

yet... this one’s choice of a robe drags on
celebrates freedom from meaning... still hijacks it to
exchange dead tissue
but never

you can never mean

you only harass

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Porn, Baroque, Butter

In phase
holds a fan to
soft hours

Not turning up
I search
what limits to voluptuosness

There is no exchange
But I
have an idea for
a... great work of art
to accompany
the sense
that dispersed into
bullet proof turbans for sikh cops
synesthesia,tooth decay
which was always

Its a lovely question
possibly a book of botany
that she holds

else apple juice
which has stayed for too long
the wrestling hall

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Orchard Falla

...It came again despite failing quiver of my dry mouth
A pause...due west
traced that receding green line
and brilliant green eyes for heavy heart to weave
into super fresh morning scream of seagulls
Its spring
lost a jacket
better still I take a walk

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring thaw (no Riffian)

flexures impossible
in dream
in narrative
the very same my cloudy afternoons repressed

that tiny exit behind my knee
I can no longer trace
sealed indoors
thirty one-Campus Solna

yet just over a hundred meters away
an underpass offers a wounded escape
calls for prayer bells, Tibetan

on either side insignificance
yet the aftermath of that specific digestion performed on an odd purchase
set me waiting for god in a pendular rush of nothing steps

an "ooo fuck " expression when I almost stepped on a dead rabbit
did you think this up you sick bastard?
or is it just the spring thaw

frowned on
dare you, stretch to that in your vile dreams
your hair locks are bound too thick for the archangel

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hurrah-Chakra of the wrinkled Scandinavian
solarium set tones for
a kinder, gentler
even more egalitarian figure penetrates her kama-rupa

Its Sunday,
Sun?day but no need to bake righteous buns
oh hurry she said, the sun will set in 12 minutes
in 12 minutes she rushes out to sing delicious sutras

dark again so the wrinkles won't show
12 being an acquired immunity

Mohandas takes cover
a popular breed of fancy pigeon drops one
only a week later
I smell it and cut it out to paste over freshly squeezed
recollections of haste

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Umbrella thorn acacia

right earphone, right
no sound in it


9, 8, 7, 6, 5 pecking with dry lips to become
her Uganda (indigestion and fatigue)

real, throbbing, untamed will...(which invited
her smile, which interrupted my scream)
love love behold your son

disquiet (cranial versus distal)
and "Naked" by Mike Leigh

...to frame(completely unconcerned)
I dont ask for compassion or woollen socks
I (intonation, wrong)

but every good play, every good song
needs an intro