Monday, August 20, 2012

Ecophagical meme(ories)

Despite all, the elevators are running
and figures which memory was not kind enough to neglect take their turn

on these upward flights to floors
where crumbled cake of anxiety receives an icing of their trail

if sparrows were to change their garments this early
and further decide to change their route

who’d be surprised if they get caught, not by
the ills of their habitat but by that other morose sense, that would oversee
or manage
the pace and character of their due palsy

So let’s have them too, damned figures
set off on some such path, of mad sparrows dressed in purple and green
these elevator hoppers then, would enjoy no more
the pleasures
 of migration and reassembly

if their aggregate buzz seeks to constitute an overture
to ecophagy
we too would fire
in such harmony as to starve them out of relevance

Ginsberg / Exploratorium from Anna Keune on Vimeo.


LK said...

always a good sign if the title already sends one to the dictionary :) wiki's alternative "grey goo" less poetic somewhat :)

Anonymous said...

nice video, ya.