Monday, March 25, 2013

Apathy's reed

The subject, stern and slender in parts,
yet enough inappropriateness round its waist to
stop, on the assumption that it’s the one being hailed

Peter instead, a denier as he rushes through aspects of Nord
so pretends: “Ozymandias”, is how it’s pronounced –
If for no audience no other reason than frost
that’s pronounced back,
But "always-already interpellated" I freeze
Not he, for I am the true pilgrim, disguised

and Rocinante - parked outdoors since autumn 
beneath heaven’s mixed grace
covered, is the other pilgrim
 denial’s own companion

who offered its aluminum meat …
to that pale personification of value,
whose blonde pubes - Phragmites australis - displaced old truths,
 but transmitted no whisper
and "in process of the seasons"
remained just so

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Eivind Fausa said...

where was peter mistreated?